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Company Strategy

Our Strategy Is Your Gain

Buying Power

In a manner similar to that of a buying Co-op, we leverage the transportation and logistics spends of all our customers to obtain competitive rates, more capacity, more sources, and more diverse capabilities. All of these combined generate the gains that we share with our customers.

Extensive Knowledge Base

Our staff consists of incredibly diversified experiences from many different aspects of the transportation industry. The combined professional experience of our employees is well over 250 years.

Personal Service

We provide consistent and personal service on each transaction to every customer.  Our sales, pricing, and operations personnel are set up by geographic region to insure our customers communicate with the same personnel on a daily basis.  This allows M & L Worldwide Logistics to assist in forming a true mutually beneficial partnership.


M&L Worldwide Logistics believes that value added benefits are a critical component of a strong and long lasting partnership between a logistics provider and their clients. We pride ourselves in the manner in which we establish these benefits.


M&L Worldwide Logistics

Conduct a cost saving analysis      ✅  No Charge
Correct billing errors      ✅  No Charge
Audit freight bills      ✅  No Charge
Freight Payment Program      ✅  No Charge
Customized reports      ✅  No Charge
Carrier negotiations      ✅  No Charge
Consulting services      ✅  No Charge
Claims management      ✅  M&L Facilitates
Day to day carrier operations      ✅  M&L Facilitates



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A satisfied customer is our first consideration